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Chic & Casual Wines

Now offering a selection of great easy wines from Maison Le Jeune

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Charles Legend,
Finest Artisan Champagne

The pleasure of smooth bubbles with low acidity and no added sulfites

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Magnum Sizes,
Double the pleasure

More bubbles, more fun and more Wow to share for all big and small occasions

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Charles Legend’s vineyard is located in the most Southern part of Champagne, the Côte des Bar are more than a hundred kilometres south of Reims. Charles Legend works exclusively with two grapes varieties which are particularly suited to this specific area.

Pinot Noir

The Pinot Noir makes a richly aromatic and fruity champagne with character and strength.


The Chardonnay grape gives delicate aromas which adds lightness and freshness.

Charles Legend Champagne has low acidity
Charles Legend Champagne has no added sulfites
Charles Legend Champagne has smooth bubbles
Charles Legend Champagne is aged 30-40 months on slats
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Maison Le Jeune Wines

Maison Le Jeune is Bubble Farmers’ newest partner, helping us extend our collection to wines for your greatest pleasure. Bringing you exclusively a Rosé, a White and an organic Red which we think you’ll fall in Love with!

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Terroir and Authenticity

Maison Le Jeune modernises the spirit of French wine

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Gemstones Spotters

Discover quality wines at great prices from French know-how

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Chic & Casual Wines

We only live once, and we wish to enjoy it and share with you!

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Work hard, Play harder!

The Bubble farmers are not more than 2 French guys who fell in love with Hong Kong while staying deeply attached to France and her hidden treasures. This is how making Hong Kong and France closer and closer became our obsession.

But to make a love story exciting, you need to take it off the beaten track. So we decided to start this adventure with long-term friends, creators of a delicious nectar AKA Charles Legend, made in the beautiful region of Champagne.

Now that some of the finest and most original bubbles are in town, we hope you will join us build a true legend!