Discover Magnums

We are proud to announce the arrival of Charles Legend Champagne in Magnum sizes in our shop. You can now enjoy the same great taste in larger sizes for Blanc de Blancs, Brut Royal and Brut Rosé. Equivalent to 2 regular bottles and serving up to 12 glasses, Magnum is the ideal bottle size for optimum quality during the ageing process. They also look great and festive!

Exquisite Taste

Magnums are known to be the best size for Champagne during ageing, that’s why Wine Makers love to put their best Champagne in them! It garanties better quality over larger quantity giving you the same great taste across more servings.

Festive Party

Magnums surely look impressive in a party. With their 1500ml, twice the size of a normal bottle they serve up to 12 glasses, the ideal size to share with more people. Looking great, tasting better and still easy to pour, magnums are simply better than 2 bottles!